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Kotetsu Jeeg in 3d

By Gianluca Panebianco, Publishing date: 15 March 1999, Last update: 15 March 1999

The TV Series

In theory, Jeeg Steel Robot (Kotetsu Jeeg in Japanese) it is one of the many robotic series that have been produced in years ' 70 after the succes of the series realized from Mr. Go Nagai.
However, we cannot not to cite it for many reasons. In the first place it's one of the more famous series in Italy (and this would be enough... ^_^), but there are other reasons:
There is also the here the ideas of Go Nagai, even if only like idea of departure, and is one of the preferred series from the girls (together with Goldrake).
The series, composed from 46 episodes, has been produced from the Toei Doga and transmitted in Japan for before the time between 1975 and 1976.

Jeeg 3d


12 meters tall, Jeeg is one of the smallest robots of animated cardboards Japanese, but also one of most particular. It in fact is not commant from the inside from a man, but she is just the protagonist Hiroshi Shiba who, thanks to a magical medaglione, transforms itself in its head.
The rest of the body is composed from a series of parts that, launched from the Big Shooter, a special airplane piloted from the young Miwa, are joined with a couple of magnets. In such a way Jeeg can easy interchange the several parts of the body, sostituendole with crews or objects that help it in the combat: as an example, in the course of the series, the robot will make use of rockets and trivelle that, in substitution of the arms they will allow it to fly or to perforate the land ; to the arsenal will add a bazooka that it is join in place of the skillful arm, and also an horse, that will join to Jeeg, so this robot will become the first robotic-centaur of the Anime history.

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