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3d architecture: Parthenon and Acropolis in Athens

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3d architecture: Parthenon and Acropolis in Athens

Parthenon in 3d project was begun in 1995: the first 3d model was realized with Autodesk 3D Studio, working on MSDOS systems.

After some years, I recovered this project, importing all 3d architectural models in Lightwave 3d, then on 2002 I added some staues.
In this period I developed the idea to extend my project to the entire Acropolis, and realize the hill and every other architectonic buildings.

However, my Parthenon 3d model is still incomplete: I need to model the pediment statues and some other detilails and textures.

To model in 3d my Parthenon I do many searches online and on University of Chieti and Pescara (Department of Archaeology), then I used photos and drawings found on this book: "the Acropolis and its Museum" by George Dontas (CLIO, 1979).

Future projects:
When my 3d Parthenon will be completed, I plan to model - as next step - the hill od the Acropolis, then some of the other famous architectural buildings as Atena Nike Temple and Propilei.
Other buildings will be modeled in 3d in a later time.

When all 3d models will be completed, I pan to add textures and colorize each artchitectural item with their original colours, as studied by many famous archeologists.

After this, I plan to create many 3d renderings and some animations (for example, a flythrough over the Acropolis) using a global illumination system to reach the best quality, using Lightwave 3d radiosity.

These renderings have been realized between 2001 and 2002 with Lightwave 3d 6.0 and Radiosity algorithm active.

Dates of realization:
3d modeling: 1995
3d renderings: 2002