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3d Architeture: renderings for FIBA outdoor basketball summer tour

By Gianluca Panebianco, Publishing date: 23 May 2003, Last update: 23 May 2003

This project provides a 3d modeling and rendering of an architectural mobile structure for basketball outdoor tour and contests.

This architectural area is composed by numerous parts: a main basketball court, 8 secondary basketball courts, mobile tribunes, an area vip and a medical center with gazebos.

Realized for Oiko and FIBA - International Basketball Federation - this project provides 9 still images rendered in 3d, to show an outdoor basketball official FIBA area.

The main diffoculty in thie project is the time in our hands to realize everything: only 4 days for 3d modeling, scene setup, wireframe rendering tests and final renderings.

3d models and renderings was created in Lightwave 3d 7.0.
Due to low time, final images have rendered without radiosity.

Realized on May 2003

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