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3d architecture, Chieti: Palatricalle

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3d architecture, Chieti: Palatricalle

This project - completed in 2004 - provides a full 3d modeling, renderings and animation of Palatricalle, a sport arena placed in Chieti, where on 2007 they're next European Basketball Women Championship.

This is realized for Oiko and for Event oranizers as Regione Abruzzo, Provincia di Chieti, Comune di Chieti, Universita degli Studi di Chieti and Pescara, FIBA (International Basketball Federation).

Regarding 3d modeling, I used for architectural building a single paper maps (a top view) created by architects and supplied by customers.

Additionally, some photos helps me to understand the architectural building, colouring and materials.

The external area and hill was modeled in 3d, to make a full reconstruction of Palatricalle surroundings; some items are also added to the scene, as flags, inflatables, welcome messages with event logos, and so on.

As the external building, I created the basketball court using the orginal paper architectural project and photos.
To complete this project, some other rooms are modeled and rendered in 3d, as a VIP area, a press room.

Finally, a 40 seconds length 3d animation was created and used as intro for Championship presentation: this animations provides a short flythrough around the hill, then this flight end into the basketball court.

3d modeling, renderings and animation for Palatricalle in Chieti was created with Lightwave 3d 7.0.

Created on November 2004.