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3d architecture, Pescara: Building in 3d

By Gianluca Panebianco, Publishing date: 23 August 2000, Last update: 23 August 2000

Located in Pescara, in the Porta Nuova area next to New Law Court building, the Taraborrelli Mansion has realized in 3d for a best view external architecture look.

This project is also used for some hypotheses of inner furnishing, as requested by the customer.

With this 3d virtual architecture modeling, customer can viewed its building, carrying out modifications still during planning, asking modifications directly to his architect and without spending more money for rebuild walls, windows and so on, obtaining the best architecture for his needs.

Architettura 3d Pescara Architecture Pescara

3d model 3D was realized in Lightwave 3d 5.6 using the architectural project drawn in paper.

Renderings are made in Lightwave 3d 6.0; lighting system constituted by an area light and active Radiosity. To reach best result by radiosity algorithm. No HDRI maps used for this rendering.

Made on August 2000.

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