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3d modeling of a 50cm statue of Mazinger Z for printing, for HL Pro

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3d modeling of a 50cm statue of Mazinger Z for printing, for HL Pro

For this project the client requested to model a statue of Mazinger Z (a 70’s anime super robot created by Go Nagai). The statue must be in high details because the client’s needs was to print in 3d the statue in and the final product was to be 50 cm tall.

Project description

I followed the directives of the HLPro (a trademark owned by High Dream) that submitted to me their artworks in 2d, with front view, back view, left view and right view...

With these artworks I created a Mazinger Z statue using Lightwave 3d, and creating parts separately to let my client to colorize and assemble the whole statue easily.

This photo shows the final product of the Anime Super Robot: the whole statue is 50cm tall

For this reason I splitted the model in head, head antennas, hover pilder, body, forearms, arms, punch-fire, upper legs, lower legs, fire under feet, smoke and lightning (the base of the whole statue).

I modeled in 3d each part using subpatches, and converted in triangles only for the final export. My woor ended when I send all parts without colour neither textures to the client: then he proceed with 3d printing tests, some adjustements on my model and colour tests.

A colored test statue is now displayed on HL PRO facebook page (different photos are available). This model is at the moment not available for purchasing.

Mazinger Z 3D Statue: Main features

The final statue has been sold on the HL Pro online store (see it on this link) and available for purchasing as fine art cold cast statue, in a very limited edition (200 pieces only). The statue has a series of collectors features, such as:

  • Total Height 50cm,
  • Total Weight 7kg,
  • The statue is equipped with leds to have some light effects in some of its parts;
  • A unique serial number applied to each statue: a must for collectors!

Video review on Youtube

On Youtube there is a review of this statue with a 360° video where you can see the statue in all its parts. The video is made by the user named Pop Culture Mad, specialized in videos of statues, gadgets and anime/comics models:

About High Dream Corporation and HL Pro

High Dream company is a japanese corporation producing licensed toys and merchandising since 1997.
Under the trademark HL PRO / HL PRODUCT, High Dream & Reigning Looney corporation works to design and manufacture certain items based on videogame, movie, anime and comic book / manga properties.

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