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Blocker Gundan IV Machine Blaster in 3d

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Blocker Gundan IV Machine Blaster in 3d

Astrorobots are 4 different robots, but apart from the slight differences they are two pairs of robots very similar each other. I made these robots in 2000.

In fact, if you notice well, Yshida and Ynta Robot have the same body, and the same happens for the other 2 Robots (Illy and Yanosh Robot). For this reason I made these two robots one after the other in two or three days only...

3d models

Yshida Robot : It is the first of the Astrorobots that I made. Although when I was a child my favorite was Yanosh, I always liked this for its particular coloring ...
The biggest problem in this robot is the neck / head section, since the spaceship, hooking on the neck, can no longer be moved unless there are errors in the display of the polygons. Therefore any movement of the head must be done by moving only the neck (little similar to the anime tv series ... and very unrealistic).

As you can see, the thighs seem to detach from the pelvis: it is a desired effect, as the attachment of the thighs from the pelvis is just like that in the cardboard: in fact it is from a slit that located on top of the legs that come out the axes with which this robot often fights. Some numbers about this 3d model: Yshida Robot as you see it in these images is made up of 47 different objects, for a total of 19,740 polygons. Of these, 2,308 were used for the head alone.

Ynta Robot : As I said previously, Ynta Robot is very similar to Yshida (it really reminds me of Mazinger Z very much), and for this reason it was modeled together with it. The only differences concern the legs, the head, and very small other details.
The 3D model is made up of 21,922 polygons, 5,640 of which for the head.

TV series: Blocker Gundan IV Machine Blaster (1976)

The Blocker Gundan IV Machine Blaster TV series, produced by Ashi on behalf of Nippon Animation in 1976 is composed of 38 episodes.
In Japan it is one of the many robotic series that begin to be transmitted after the great success obtained by Mazinger Z. The concept of gigantic robots piloted from the inside by a human hero has yet to be presented in all possible ways, and here with the Astrorobots appear for the first time (or down there) a group of "good" super robots - four in this case - and of the same power (not as in the Mazinger series in which the main robot was assisted only marginally by other smaller robots, such as Boss Robot, Venus Alpha, etc.) who fight together to defend the planet.

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