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Boss Robot in 3d

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Boss Robot in 3d

There aren't series completely dedicated to Boss Robot, but this is an original robot and with his comicity and dementiality, it has many differencies with all other Super Robots, heroes with strond and courage. So, I've thinked to create a page dedicated to this great robot.

Boss Robot born in Go Nagai's mind and in the rest of Mazinger Z production, basically for an commercial interest: this robot, and child Shiro Kabuto, must attract children fans, to increase target of people of this serie.

This page was updated on june 11th, 1998.

3D models

Boss Robot: I drew the basic model with 3D Studio 4 awaiting for the soccer World Championship match Italy-Chile, and the day after, on 12th June 1998, I finished this model. The textures were put the next day.
In august 1999 I took the model again exporting it in Lightwave 3D so I gave it a more realistic look and less bright colors.
The model is composed of 13686 polygons (triangles), 522 of them were used to draw its head.

Model realized in June 1998; renderings realized in May 2000.

Boss Robot Anime 3d


It is a "metal fat" bale like its builder and pilot whose name is Boss.
It weights 95 tons (the robot, not the pilot!) and it's 12 metres tall. To lead it, it can climb up to inside of the cockpit that is situated in its head (how people can climb up them we have never know... 8-) ).
It seems that is technologically much more advanced than Mazinger: in fact, it don't need all the buttons, cloches, lights to move up, but it's necessary a very simple wheel of the type of "Fiorino FIAT" to let it move in infinite movements and somersaults...

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