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By Gianluca Panebianco, Publishing date: 7 January 2004, Last update: 7 January 2004

Neon Genesis Evangelion: 3d models

Evangelion 3d (Eva-01 Test Type 3d)

modeled from october 2001 and september 2003, it has been realized completely in Lightwave 3D 7.0 using a sub patches solution. In fact, Evangelion units are "robots" with strongly human movements and posture, I've realized an Evengelion 3d model that I can rendered with variable details. Actually I must realize all texture (images have only some simple shaders).

Eva-02 Production Type, 3d model video

In 2019 I created this short 360 turnaround video of my Eva-02 3d model I created in 2002:

Zeruel 3d (14^ Angel)

Viewing a picture of this enemy, I think that I'll modeled it with no difficulties... in fact, after 1 hr I've realized the 3d model and its textures. However, this Angel is incompleted: I must complete some objects on the knee and on the shoulders.

Modeling in 3d - Evangelion reference material

(Thanks a lot to my Japanese friend Hisa who have email me these beautiful images).

Modeling an Evangelion in 3d: suggestions and notes

Neon Genesis Evangelion 3D To model my Evangelion in 3d I used blueprints, and also a real model, taken from an online store: there's a lot of sites where you can find it, and fortunately many brands who produces Evangelion models, with variable prices. Probably I'll prepare a new article to show best models to buy online (with prices).
Blueprints and reference material are useful for some detail but not for many others: I've encountered many difficulties to understand the shapes in the back area. If you can, buy a model to have less of difficulties ;-) ...

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