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3d modeling: soccer ball in 3d

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3d modeling: soccer ball in 3d

This rendering show an high resolution soccer ball 3d modeling with Lightwave 3d.

3d modeling process is described in a Lightwave 3d tutorial you can see in this site at this link: tutorial: Modeling a Soccer Ball in Lightwave 3d.

Final 3d model is subpatched, so you can select different rendering quality for this 3d model, depending of your needs.

Soccer ball 3d model can be purchased in panebianco3d store.

soccer pallone 3d

Renderings was made with Lightwave 3d 7.5.

Below are showed some renderings parameters:
Radiosity (Backdrop only),
Antialias : High
original resolution: 2670x2000 pixels,
rendering time: 44h 20m
PC: Athlon 600mhz + 384Mb

Rendering was made on May, 2003