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Yattodetaman in 3d

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Yattodetaman in 3d

With few time available, I've modeled the King Star robot using some Baldios' elements, as the arms and legs (with some retouchs). The scene where King Star has rendered with Lightwave 3d 5.6 has taken from a Baldios scene too

Yattodetaman: 3d models

King Star: the model has 16.904 polygons (quad): 2.688 of these are used for the head.

King Star 3d
King Star 3d
Sagittarius 3d
Sagittarius 3d

Models and renderings realized in June 2001.

3D Modeling 101

The TV Series

Yattodetaman (Calendar Man in Italy), was produced in 1981 from Tatsunoko that realize 52 episodes.
It's one of 8 series of Time Bokan (Time Machine in English), title of the first series produced in 1975. Actually Tatsunoko has produced 8 series, 2 OAV, 2 compilations on CD Audio and many games, videogames (SNES, PSX, Wonderswan, etc..), radio shows.

The original idea is born from Tatsuo Yoshida: the main concept is a fantascentific battles with machanical robots. Here we can see a demential aspect in the stories and in the characters...

Many thanks to Beppe Domani and its site www.newbokan.net for the infos and pictures with I've can model King Star in 3d. ^_^

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