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Gianluca Panebianco and Panebianco3d website

By Gianluca Panebianco, Publishing date: 4 September 2012, Last update: 4 September 2012

I was born in 1973, graduated in Statistics, and I live in Pescara.
I was working as a 3d generalist, graphic designer, web, mobile and other media developer since 1996.
I have had a passion for this field since I was a teenager, in the late 80's... I still remember my days spent realizing my first games with SEUCK on Commodore 64, or all those nights spent drawing with Deluxe Paint III or modeling in 3d with Sculpt 4D on my Commodore Amiga.

I created my first projects in 3d graphics and on the web in the late 90's: in 1996 I published the first version of my personal website on Geocities, and after some years it had moved to

After completing my studies at the University, and after my first experience at work, at the end of 2000 I started working as a web designer and 3d artist.

In these years I developed and improved my knowledge in several other areas of multimedia and information technology, expanding my skills in the field of web programming, video editing, printing, design of graphical user interfaces and videogames development, in addition to all aspects of the web strategies including SEO and web marketing in general.

I covered different roles depending on the project in which I had worked for, working as a designer supporting the development team or, for example in many web projects, covering almost all the positions such as the accounting, analysis and documentation, graphic design and code development, maintenance after the end of the project.

I have worked both as a freelance and in web agencies or web development companies (I currently work at the Taiprora, an ISO9001 certified company), I have experience of workflows and any other procedures to accomplish projects in the best way: in fact in the past few years I have developed dozens of projects for local and national companies, and many corporations.

I like working in a team creating friendly relationships with my colleagues, which encourages the exchange of ideas; I have a practical approach and like planning the who-does-what.

On the other hand, I often have to follow multiple projects simultaneously and independently.
Despite this, I always strive to give my customer the best advice, according to the deadlines and the road-map approved by him/her, offering all my knowledge and my skills for the success of the project I'm working on.