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Advertising on this website

Today you can show your banner AD in these pages, with a minimum of impressions guaranteed and verifiable via Google Analytics.

If the minimum number of impressions won't be reached in the period you purchased, your banner will stay in those pages and in the same position for free, until the impressions will be reached.


You can choose between two different solutions for your advertising campaign on this website:

You banner will be placed on all the pages that contain the sidebar, such as blog pages, portfolio, etc.

Some pages will be excluded, such as the strictly institutional pages, the store pages, and just a few other pages.
When you buy a new advertising compaign on this website, your banner will be placed on the top of the sidebar, according to the previous presence or other banners (in this case your banner will be placed at the bottom of them).
The position of your banner will depends on the age and on the lasting of the subscription plan: long-lasting and earlier plans have priority to others.
You can buy your space with different lasting plans: 1-month, 3-monts, 6-months, 1-year. All those plads have a minimum of impressions guaranteed.

Your banner will be placed among the text of a particular page.

You can select by yourself the page(s) where you want your banner to be placed. Statistically, the in-page banners have a better visibility than the sidebar banners, and for this reason their clickthrough rates are higher.

You can submit different plans choosing a number of pages you want to put your banner on, and the duration of your campaign.
For this plans is provided a duration plan only: minimum impressions are not guaranteed.


You can pay via either Paypal or Bank Transfer.

Questions? No problem!
Feel free to contact me to have more informations about this service and its plans, costs and durations according to your needs:

Ask for info or costs Contact me via email, skype or social network...