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Anime Robots in 3d

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Anime Robots in 3d

In this page I have collected the galleries with the renderings of 3d models Anime Robots I made in the past years.
Many of them are my first experiments with 3D modeling, some were created between 1996 and 1998, the last about in 2004.

Neon Genesis Evangelion
From one of the most famous anime series of the last 30 years, I made 3D models of all Evangelions. Here is the gallery of my renderings.
Mobile Suit Gundam in 3d
After the experience with Autodesk's 3D Studio 4 and after the modeling of Mazinger, Boss Robot, Daitarn 3 and Voltes V, in 1999 I've started to study Newtek's Lightwave 3D. After a month passed to understand the program and his commands, in June 1999 I've modeled the RX-78.
Mazinger Z in 3d
This Robot originally was the second I've modeled, but after a first version I've changed a lot of particulars, as colors and proportions, and as all models, it was modeled in 3d Studio 4 and exported in Lightwave 3D for better renderings.
Grendizer in 3d
During 2020 I made a completely new 3d model of Goldrake. Here you can see the result.
Great Mazinger in 3d
This was the first robot I've modeled and the first showed in my site, in the night of june 8, 1998.
Giant Robot in 3d
Giant Robot 3d modeling started on 2002; after a long pause, it has been reprised and completed on april/may 2005.
3D model has been made with Lightwave3D using (almost completely) subpatches.
Voltes V in 3d
Model realized in August 1998; renderings realized in June 2000.
Yattodetaman in 3d
I've modeled the King Star robot using some Baldios' elements, as the arms and legs (with some retouchs). The scene where King Star has rendered with Lightwave 3d 5.6 has taken from a Baldios scene too.
Kotetsu Jeeg in 3d
In theory, Jeeg Steel Robot (Kotetsu Jeeg in Japanese) it is one of the many robotic series that have been produced in years ' 70 after the succes of the series realized from Mr. Go Nagai.
Daitarn 3 in 3d
3D model realized in September 1999; renderings realized in september 1999 / june 2000.
Blocker Gundan IV Machine Blaster in 3d
Two models were finished: Yshida Robot and Ynta Robot.
I hope to add 2 other robot (Ylly Robot and Yanosh Robot) and some text soon as possible.
Baldios in 3d
I've modeled this Robot in 3-4 days (working on two hours in the evening). All parts are modeled from zero, and nothing was taken from my other robots, except the eyes.
Anime Super Deformed in 3d
I've in project many works ... 3d animations, flash games, and many more with these mighty MiniRobots
Boss Robot in 3d
This page was updated on june 11, 1998. There aren't series completely dedicated to Boss Robot, but this is an original robot and with his comicity and dementiality, it has many differencies with all other Super Robots, heroes with strond and courage.


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