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Download Blueprints (may 2006)

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Download Blueprints (may 2006)

I picked up some drawings and blueprints you can use as a background as aid of your 3D modeling tasks.

All blueprints in the zip file below contains images in perspective front view, side view and top view, so you can set the box containing your model and then apply as a texture in each side.
This procedure is widely used in 3D modeling with all 3d software; so, whether you are using Autodesk Maya, Softimage XSI, 3D Studio Max, Cinema 4D, LightWave 3D or other 3D modeling softwares, you can use this method to increase your productivity.

NOTE: Please remember that these bluprints were scanned by models, magazines or other printed sources. Any copyright of its rightful owner.

Zaku II MS06F

Download Blueprints - Zaku II MS06F - (.rar, 12 files, 1.6Mb)

Citroen C1

Download Blueprints - Citroen C1 - (.zip, 1 file, 0.6Mb)

Lancia Ypsilon

Download Blueprints - Lancia Ypsilon - (.zip, 3 files, 0.6Mb)

Ferrari F1-89

Download Blueprints - Ferari F1-89 - (.zip, 7 files, 3.4Mb)

Hyundai Getz

Download Blueprints - Hyundai Getz - (.zip, 1 file, 0.2Mb)

F-16 Fighting Falcon

Download Blueprints - F16 - (.zip, 5 files, 3.3Mb)

F-117 Stealth Fighter

Download Blueprints - F117 - (.zip, 2 files, 1.1Mb)

Fiat Brava

Download Blueprints - Fiat Brava - (.zip, 2 files, 0.8Mb)

Opel Tigra 2004

Download Blueprints - Opel Tigra - (.rar, 1.4Mb)

Neon Genesis Evangelion

Download Blueprints - Evangelion - (.zip, 556Kb)
Download Reference - Evangelion - (.zip, 470Kb)

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