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Download Sound Effects from Anime TV Series

By Gianluca Panebianco, Publishing date: 28 December 1999, Last update: 28 December 1999

This page is only the beginning for a larger section I would like to open in this site, possibly with your help: a download areawhere you can download anything about '70's anime Super Robots: video, midi, wav, and (maybe) some 3D models mine and yours.

Now I start with an audio FX section: these are sound effects taken directly from anime TV. Actually I have only tapes of italian version, than the section for pilot's voices is only in Italian; for other sounds there are no problems...
I've this idea thinking to futures animations: I'd need sound effects to add audio in my animations. I'd search these files on the Web, but I'd found only a little. Then I've think to make myself that I need.
Fortunately many series, usually those producted by the same House, uses the same sound effects. For example, sfx in Mazinger Z, Great Mazinger and Jeeg are the same...
For space problems and to make easy download, I've dicided to make avaible sounds files in this format:

.wav - 11.025 Hz - 8 bit - Mono

You can use these files for your works (3d animations, video editing, Windows themes, Web pages, etc...), but remember to mention where originally becomes this file, that is:

Mazinger Z

Filename Kbytes Description
001.wav 15 k 3 metal blows
003.wav 12 k sword-stroke
005.wav 19 k explosion #1
007.wav 14 k Koji Kabuto: "Perforanti Atomiche!"
009.wav 56 laser and explosion
011.wav 11 k Koji Kabuto: "Scure Atomica!"
013.wav 4 k click button #2
015.wav 35 k enemy screams
017.wav 16 k Koji Kabuto: "Laser Zeta, fuori!"
019.wav 9 k radar #1
021.wav 12 k siren #1
023.wav 17 k chains #1
025.wav 9 k airplane (tileable)
027.wav 25 k aiplane doppler in/out
029.wav 32 k mecanic squeaking and a blow
031.wav 10 k violent stroke
033.wav 6 k rumor #1 ^__^;;
035.wav 15 k Koji Kabuto: "Jet Scrander!"
037.wav 10 k Laser #3
039.wav 17 k Laser #5
002.wav 7 k 1 metal blow
004.wav 7 k laser #1
006.wav 24 k violent stroke
008.wav 20 Koji Kabuto: "Doppio Laser Z!"
010.wav 5 k click button #1
012.wav 15 k Koji Kabuto: "Lama Croce del Sud!"
014.wav 4 k Koji Kabuto: "FUORI!"
016.wav 16 k 3 steps and a jump
018.wav 22 k Koji Kabuto: "Tutta Energia Atomica, fuori!"
020.wav 10 k radar #2
022.wav 10 k laser #2
024.wav 52 k explosion #2
026.wav 14 k explosion #3
028.wav 10 k mecanic squeaking
030.wav 9 k chains #2
032.wav 10 k Explosion #4
034.wav 27 k Koji Kabuto: "AAAAAAAaaaahh!!!!"
036.wav 9 k Mazinger Z' step
038.wav 20 k Laser #4


Filename Kbytes Description
042.wav 30 k Actarus: "Maglio Perforante!"
044.wav 33 k Actarus: "Tuono Spaziale!"
046.wav 113 k Astronave di Vega nello spazio
048.wav 13 k Actarus: "Alcor!..."
050.wav 31 k Actarus: "Boomerang Elettronico!"
052.wav 95 k Goldrake enter in his starship part1
054.wav 72 k Contact #2
056.wav 33 k Contact #3
058.wav 17 k sound(?) #1
060.wav 86 k Vega's Starship flying
062.wav 161 k Alcor: "Salve amici, benvenuti sulla Terra, io mi chiamo Alcor... da quale Pianeta venite?"
064.wav 38 k Actarus: "Goldrake: In Azione!"
066.wav 25 k Actarus: "Disintegratore!"
068.wav 19 k 1 Minidisc exit from Vega's Starship
070.wav 28 k Actarus: "GOLDRAKE!"
072.wav 134 k Grendizer enter in his starship (sound sequence)
074.wav 33 k Actarus: "Raggi a Protoni!"
076.wav 43 k an automatic door opens
078.wav 38 k Explosion #1
080.wav 22 k Fusion
082.wav 28 k an UFO go away #2
084.wav 74 k Rocks #2
086.wav 23 k Laser #2
088.wav 29 k an automatic door closes
090.wav 24 k Laser #3
043.wav 32 k Actarus: "Lame Rotanti!"
045.wav 40 k Actarus: "Alabarda Spaziale!"
047.wav 62 k Circuits ON
049.wav 52 k Alcor: "Actarus, cerco di darti una mano!"
051.wav 35 k Actarus: "Raggio Esplosivo!"
053.wav 48 k Contact #1
055.wav 29 k Vega's Starship internal rumors
057.wav 17 k Contact #4
059.wav 48 k flying contact
061.wav 38 k Minidiscs exit from Vega's Starship
063.wav 35 k Actarus: "Lama Rotante!" (II versione)
065.wav 33 k Actarus: "Raggi Perforanti!"
067.wav 30 k Actarus: "Lame Trancianti!"
069.wav 54 k Minidisc flying
071.wav 25 k flying contact #2
073.wav 28 k Actarus: "Maglio Perforante!"
075.wav 104 k 2 minidiscs exit and go away fast
077.wav 38 k flying contact #3
079.wav 15 k Laser #1
081.wav 25 k an UFO go away #1
083.wav 46 k Rocks #1
085.wav 54 k Rocks #3
087.wav 5 k Button #1
089.wav 44 k an UFO go away #3
091.wav 84 k UFO flies sound

Daitarn 3

Filename Kbytes Description
092.wav 41 k rain (from last episode)
094.wav 40 k explosion #1
096.wav 6 k rumor #2
098.wav 15 k a door opens
100.wav 188 k big explosion
102.wav 10 k shot #2
104.wav 103 k Mach Patrol flying (fade in/out)
106.wav 65 k Haran Banjo: "Ora devo far saltare il castello di Don Zauker e finalmente la Terra sara' liberata da questa infamita'"
108.wav 28 k shot and explosion
110.wav 44 k Haran Banjo: "Daitaaaarn .... Azione!!!!"
112.wav 147 k Haran Banjo: "Daitaaarn... 3!" (fine sequenza di trasformazione)
114.wav 42 k Haran Banjo: "uuaaaaaoooaaaahh..." #1
116.wav 131 k Haran Banjo: "Ed ora, con l'aiuto del sole, vincero'! Attacco solare! Energiaa!"
118.wav 35 k explosion #3
120.wav 22 k Haran Banjo: "hai avuto cio' che meritavi..."
093.wav 8 k shot #1
095.wav 11 k rumor #1 (with echo)
097.wav 5 k button
099.wav 44 k Great Starship flying
101.wav 21 k laser #1
103.wav 49 k explosion #2
105.wav 87 k multiple Explosions
107.wav 4 k shotgun loads
109.wav 66 k enemy attacks Daitarn3: Banjo howl
111.wav 8 k rumor #3
113.wav 7 k Haran Banjo: "dahah!" 8)
115.wav 116 k Haran Banjo: "uuaaaaaoooaaaahh..." #2
117.wav 99 k multiple explosions #2
119.wav 167 k desert wind (duration: 15")
121.wav 58 k explosion #4

BGM - BackGround Musics (.mid)

Filename Kbytes Description
astroganga.mid 22 k Astroganger
dait3_bg.mid 8 k Daitarn3
daitarn3.mid 22 k Daitarn3
god-sigma.mid 19 k God Sigma
gold_leg.mid 21 k Grendizer
goldbgd.mid 9 k Grendizer
goldrak1.mid 2 k Grendizer
goldrake-goldrake.mid 31 k Grendizer
goldthgs.mid 12 k Grendizer
shooting.mid 40 k Grendizer
ufo_robot.mid 33 k Grendizer
gundam.mid 30 k Gundam
rx78_1.mid 4 k Gundam
jeegrobot.mid 16 k Jeeg Robot
jetrobot.mid 46 k Jet Robot
mazinga_bgm.mid 63 k Mazinger Z
mazingaz.mid 20 k Mazinger Z
mazingaz_remix.mid 17 k Mazinger Z
spacerobot.mid 27 k Space Robot

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