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List of 3D animation movies on DVD (June 2002)

By Gianluca Panebianco, Publishing date: 13 June 2002, Last update: 13 June 2002

I have prepared a list of all 3d animation movies out so far: the list probably is incomplete, please let me know if anything is missing. Uh! the list is updated at June 2002 ...

August 23rd 2012: for each 3d animation movie in this list, I added a trailer taken from Youtube; every copyright is of their respective owner.

Tron, Walt Disney Pictures (1982)

Toy Story, Pixar & Walt Disney Pictures (1995)

A bug's life, Walt Disney (1998)

Ant Z, Dreamworks (1998)

Toy Story 2, Pixar & Walt Disney Pictures (1999)

Dinosaurs, Walt Disney Pictures (2000)

Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within, Squaresoft (2001)

Shrek, PDI (2001)

Monsters Inc., Pixar & Walt Disney Pictures (2002)

Ice Age, Blue Sky Studios (2002)

Jimmy Neutron: boy genius, DNA Productions (2002)

The Chubb Chubbs, Sony Pictures Imageworks (2002)

This list is updated at June 2002

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