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3d view with Adobe Flash: a simple example (with code)

By Gianluca Panebianco, Publishing date: 15 November 2001, Last update: 15 November 2001

These days I did some little tests on how to achieve, using Adobe Flash, a 3D object rotating about an axis (I chose the Y-axis in this example). This is the final result:

It was not very complicated.

I made the original rotating animation in LightWave 3D, so I made ​​the rendering and I saved it as an image sequence, naming each BMP files with increasing numbers

I imported the entire animation in Adobe Flash: by selecting the first file, Flash recognizes all images as an animation sequence and automatically it imports into the stage.

After creating icons for moving left - right, I written a little script that monitors events MOUSE_OVER on the two icons: if the event occurs MOUSE_OVER the movie moves to the previous frame or to the next one (depending on the icon on where you placed the mouse icon).

Simply, isn't it? :)

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