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Metalwarriors, a MMO RPG multiplayer game in Flash

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Metalwarriors, a MMO RPG multiplayer game in Flash

Metalwarriors: massive multiplayer online game RPG I started developing in 2006 in Adobe Flash (language Actionscript 2)

MetalWarriors is an MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) , developed in Shockwave technology using Adobe Flash.

In MetalWarriors you'll control a robot that, during the game, it can develop new characteristics, add new weapons, and so on. You can empower you robot until tranform into your preferred Super Robot.

As in RPG standards, interactions and battles against other characters lets you to develop your abilities.
I'll develop a chat-online system so, during the game, you can communicate with other players and exchange , sell and buy objects that you'll collect during the game. Obviuosly, you can create alliances with other players.

MetalWarriors is a videogame developed in Macromedia Flash technology; in details, his code was comlpetely developed in Action Script 2.0 (avaible since Flash MX 2004) for the client-side interface, and Active Server Pages (ASP) for Server-side communications.

MetalWarriors will be completely free: you'll must only register to obtain a valid username and password to play the game in multiple sessions! Yes, you can save your game data, and continue your game in an other session.

Actually MetalWarriors is still under development.

January 29, 2006: Release 0.51

A new release and some new features.
Thanks to everyone who send me comments and suggestions! There's new Features:

- Starting a new game, the Robot Controls Tab is visible (you can change its visibility pressing CTRL anyway)
- every time your robot take 2 moves, map autoceters on it
- Now you can choose a weapon to attack. When you select a Building, a new window will shoy you. Selecting "Attack" (the only option that working), you can choose your preferred weapon. But remember that to use each weapon you spend energy points. So take a look to your energy levels: using your weapons too much frequently you can destroy your robot!
NOTE: actually, no info about weapons are available (excluding their names), i'm working on it to show them...

November 13, 2005

The Game! First Test release where you can move around one level using the mighty Mazinger Z!!
You can destroy buildings, but actually you cannot select different armor.
In this first test release you can move around 4 different maps: i'm working harder to complete a big MatalWarriors World with thousands maps, with many graphics (in this test movie i've used only a few blocks for the maps).

  • to destroy buildings
    go near the building you want destroy, then click on it... using weapong will reduce your energy...
  • to move your Robot
    click CTRL button: the control tab opens. Here, click on directional icon.

July 19, 2005:

I'm testing my Metalwarriors Map editor: it's only a beta release with a very low graohic items. Sincerely, I received many email from users that push me to update my page with some features or some interactive objects... so, that's it.
Actually in this Map Editor version you cannot save your map (but you can show the code generated).
Pay attention to some visualization problems with Firefox.