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Fantafootball Manager app for Symbian mobile

By Gianluca Panebianco, Publishing date: 22 August 2007, Last update: 22 August 2007

Fantamercato 2007/2008
for mobiles with Flashlite 2.x

Fantacalcio time? You have to create your Fanta Football Team for next Season 2007/2008? You need just two things: a good players list, and their statistics.

So, FantaMercato 2007/2008 is the best mobile application made in Flashlite 2.x to do this!

With Fantamercato 2007/2008 you can have on you mobile phone a list of ALL Serie A football players *, subdivided by Role and Teams.

Additionally, you can visualize quickly all statistics for those players who played in Serie A in the past Season (2006/2007).

You can order them by name, team, goals scored, aggregate score: in this way, create the best Team for your Fantacalcio Championship.

Statistics included into the App:

  • Player Names;
  • Team;
  • Matches played in Serie A, Season 2006/2007;
  • Media Voto;
  • Goals scored;
  • Assists;
  • Yellow Cards ;
  • Red Cards ;
  • Aggregate score

In the Main Menu you can select a particular Role (goalkeepers, defenders, midfielders and forwards).

Additionally, you can create your preferred list, copying players into a specific folder named "MY PLAYERS".

NOTE #1: Player list (and theyr roles) follow Gazzetta dello Sport data.

NOTE #2: On players lists, value for "Bk" (Bookings) represent the sum of yellow cards and the double of red cards. For Example, if a player have 5 yellow cards and 3 red cards, on the players list he will have a value of 11: 5 yellow cards and 2 * 3 red cards.

* Player list is updated to mon August 20, 2007.

Fantamercato 2007/2008 - English Version, Flashlite required, FREE
(.swf zipped. File size: 76Kb).

Requirements and Installation notes:

Flashlite 2.x for mobile phones.
Download Flashlite player (please verify on Adobe website if your mobile phone support this player).

After downloaded, unzip it (zip file contains a single SWF file) and transfer it on your mobile phone.
Please remember if your Flashlite version is 2.1, you have to transfer the swf file on "Others/" folder: if you don't do this, Flashlite player cannot launch the application.

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