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Travel Guides: city guides for mobile

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Travel Guides: city guides for mobile

Travel Guides: city guides with offline maps for mobile phones and devices Flashlite 2 enabled.

Tourist information on your own hand

Travel Guides will be a complete guide to discover main touristic attractions, to find hotels, restaurants and cafes, disco, pubs, clubs, fun places, and to find streets and addresses, and much more.

Informations inside each Travel Guide includes addresses, open / close time, contact info (phone numbers, emails, websites, fax if available), ticket prices, discounts, etc. You can view each information directly on the map, and there will be showed an approximative distance between you and selected place.

Each Travel Guide is completed with city street maps, underground maps, city buses maps and many other informations as Police phones, first aid, and informations to reach main arrival and departure places (aiports, railway station, etc)
Travel Guides are the most useful mobile guides to visit any city.

Travel Guides disponibili

Ho realizzato 4 Travel Guides per altrettante citta: Roma, Londra, Vienna e Firenze:

London city guide in English, for SymbianOS mobile devices with Flashlite 2.x player.
Rome city touristic guide, for SymbianOS mobile devices with Flashlite 2.x player.
Florence city tourist guide, for SymbianOS mobile devices with Flashlite 2.x player.
Vienna mobile city guide, for SymbianOS mobile devices with Flashlite 2.x player.

Download a working demo app

Try these Travel Guides in demo version for free and check the compatibility with your mobile phone.

This free demo refers to Vienna city guide.
Some functionalities are not enabled in this demo vesion.


Depending of the city, each Travel Map can include:

  • City Map;
  • Underground Maps;
  • City bus maps;
  • You can show / hide each map: city map, bus map, underground map as you want;
  • Database of city streets, places and addresses (up to 1000), to find immediately the address you need;
  • Automatic distance calculation: automatically, the application calculates an approximative distance between you and your selected place;
  • Dozens of touristic places to visit (museums, churches, buildings, and so on), with a localization on the map and a complete description of what you can find there, ticket prices, address, phone numbers, email, and other useful informations; all main touristic places are bookmarked, so you can know if each item is a must to visit in the city;
  • Dozens of hotels, bed and breakfast, hostels where you can sleep, with a localization on the map, and a description, address, contact references;
  • Dozens of restaurants, cafe, fast foods (map preview, and other details still present)
  • Dozens of nightlife and fun places as disco, pubs, clubs, and so on, to live your travel in the night;
  • Add your customized locations on the city map (MyData - not available in Tourist Guides Vienna): user can add other places, adding its descriptions, and view it on the map (the house of your friend, a place not still listed, etc);
  • Copy each item into your Personal Folder, creating a set of personal sightseeings to achieve immediately;
  • Internal search engine: to find you addresses or achieve a specific place. You can search item selecting them if they're less than a specific distance from your position.

These cities are available on the online store: Florence - Rome - Vienna - London

Demo: download a demo version for free

For testing purposes, you can download a Travel Guides Vienna demo for free (some limitations applied)

Please - before purchasing full versions - download and try this demo to evaluate it and if it's works correctly on your mobile device.


Unzip application file and transfer it on your mobile phone.

Important for Flashlite 2.1 owners:
Please remember if your Flashlite version is 2.1, you have to transfer the swf file on "Others/" folder: if you don't do this, Flashlite player cannot launch the application. After this, launch Flashlite player, then open your Travel guides from there.

Requirements and compatibility

  • Mobile phone or Smartphone with Symbian 6.0 operative system or superior;
  • Adobe Flashlite 2.0 for mobile phones plugin (Download Flashlite here);
  • Approssimative 600Kb available on mobile phone;
  • Tested with: Nokia 6600, Nokia 6630, Nokia N70, Nokia N80, Nokia N95, Nokia N73, Nokia 6085
  • Tested with Adobe Flashlite plugin until release 2.1.

Copyrights and Credits

Gianluca Panebianco : concept, analysis, design, graphics, maps, adobe flash action script programming.


Gianluca Panebianco - (C)2006: concept, analysis, design, graphics, maps, action script programming.