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Grendizer in 3d

By Gianluca Panebianco, Publishing date: 15 March 2000, Last update: 15 March 2000

3d models

Grendizer : modeling was started in October 1999, but I've realized only the body. The head, and so the complete Ufo Robot Grendizer was finsihed in earlier 2001. Howevewr, to complete the Grendizer 3d model I must add some particular, and probably change some parts.

Renderings (mainly) realized in october / december 1999.

The series

In 1975, after the success that the Toei obtained with Mazinga Z and Great Mazinger, it produces the third robotic series created by Go Nagal and it was composed of 74 episodes.
Now the commercial interests of the Toel are a lot,in fact it asked, in a very clear way, to give a very aggressive look to the robot so that the customers could be induced to buy the so many gadgets that the company would have produced. One of the most evident characteristics that show us these demands can be noticed in Goldrake's feet: they are very ugly but if we consider their small dimensions,we think it was easier that a toy could stand.
In Italy, it was showed in 1977; in fact it is one of the first robot that were broadcast in Italy, (in the same period I remember that I usual watched Astroganger on our local network) it lacked of three episodes, exactly the 15th, 59th and the 71th.
Surely it is the most loved robot in our country and above all the most remembered but also by the so called not fond of robots , this thanks to the business that there was around this character: for example, sticker albums, toys, records.
Named Ufo Robot Grendizer injapan and in english countries, this serie was named Goldrake in italian and Goldorak in french.
At the end we have to mention Shusuke Kikuchi that wrote the vey fine soundtrack.

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