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UX analysis and UI design for a building automation, home automation and surveillance software

By Gianluca Panebianco, Publishing date: 1 January 2003, Last update: 1 January 2003

This software for Microsoft Windows Systems was made by Taiprora for Sertec, a company based in Verona (Italy).
This software have functionaliries as a video surveillance system, for building automation and home automation.
It allows the user to manage an entire building (industrial plant, building, etc.), but also has functionalities for the home automation: in fact, it could also be applied to simpler situations (like an apartment). The software allows the supervision and management of accessing doors to various locations in the building (opening and closing doors and gates), and lets to manage many services into these areas such as HVACs, electricity, hot waters, etc.
The system also provides control over the intercom and CCTV (surveillance cameras).

The graphical user interface of the software displays a map of all areas, and icons appear when the status of sensors is changed. The user can manage the delivery of various services of each room, selecting and managing the list of services associated with it: the user can also enable / disable a service on the whole structure at a time.
It's possibile set the System to schedule the delivery of services at fixed times.

There are statistical and control capabilities, and the System provide a log of warnings and alarms occured in the managed areas.
This project was developed from 2003 to 2008 (first version) and 2009 to 2011 (second version).

Role in this project

Within the Taiprora development team, I worked on th functional analysis and the UX (user experience).
I also designed the GUI (graphic user interface) for the front-end.
At the end of the project I wrote the user manuals in Italian and English.

About this customer

Sertec: Sertec Ltd., headquartered in Verona (Italy), operates in the field of security locking systems. It is the largest provider of Italian credit institutions, of all the manufacturers of strongboxes and many Institutional offices.

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