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Apple iPhone 3g modeled in 3d

By Gianluca Panebianco, Publishing date: 25 September 2008, Last update: 25 September 2008

iPhone 3G 3d modeling

After finishing my Nokia N70 3d model (available in my store), I decided to model another cellphone... and this was the time of Apple iPhone 3g.
I used Lightwave 3d for both modeling and rendering.

The iPhone 3d model was created in low poly, then for the details I used a Catmull-Clark subdivision algorithm, available in Lightwave 3d since version 9.0
Polygon count for this iPhone 3d model are 1706.

iphone 3d model


I created 4 textures for:

  • Apple logo and texts on the backside;
  • display;
  • icon on the "Home" button in the front;
  • Grid on spekers.


For rendering I used a simple three lights setup and Global Illumination algorithm active.

Buy this iPhone 3d model now: this Apple iPhone 3g 3d model is available now on the store.

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