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Events and courses about web marketing, web development, UX design, 3D and animation, in Italy in 2016

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Events and courses about web marketing, web development, UX design, 3D and animation, in Italy in 2016

Months ago I was looking for some event, course or conference to attend, so starting some queries on the Internet I realized that there are no websites that collect events for graphics and web professionals. There are some webistes or blogs that collect events in Europe or in general in the World, which also include some (very few) events in Italy.

At that time I was looking for some easily accessible locations, which is why I started to pick on Google Calendar new events I was finding. Then, I thought I could also make a good service to other people, as me interested to increase their skills being phisically in contact with other professionals.
That's why here you can find some of the main events related to web (SEO, Web Marketing), in general graphics and 3d (Unity, UX-Design, 3d modeling and animation), video games and events / incubators for startups, to be held in Italy during this 2016.

Obviously this list is largely incomplete and continuously updated. If you are interested to help me, please add in the comments below or by contacting me by email to give your news about new other events (courses, seminars, conferences, events in general).

Please remember that, at this moment, I wouldn'd publish courses that are held for long periods, such as academic courses that lasts for weeks or months, and are aimed are students and those who want to get into a speficifo industry from scratch.

January 2016

  • no events

February 2016

  • CSS Day 2016
    Web design, css, bootstrap, scss, sass, html5, responsive web design
    4 February 2016, Faenza

March 2016

April 2016

May 2016

June 2016

July 2016

August 2016

  • no events

September 2016

October 2016

  • 1^ Settimana della Formazione 2016
    digital, socials, webmarketing, business strategy.
    3-7 October 2016, Attendee online in streaming

  • Internet Festival 2016
    6-9 October 2016, Pisa

  • ReactJS Day 2016
    A full-day conference in english about the latest developments in the React world (React is an open-source JavaScript library for creating user interfaces made by Facebook and Instagram)
    7 October 2016, Verona

  • Maker Faire Rome 2016
    3d printing
    14-16 October 2016, Rome

  • Games Week 2016
    videogames, game development
    14-16 October 2016, Milan

  • View Conference 2016
    animazione, 3d, vfx, startups. Mostly in english
    24-28 October 2016, Turin

  • SMAU 2016 Milano
    Digital innovation for companies and local authorities
    25-27 October, Milan

  • Digital Design Days & Award + Offf Italia 2016
    Exclusive conferences, the first Offf Milano edition, the Digital Design Award Ceremony, professional workshops, digital showcases, a party and many networking activities and possibilities
    27-28-29 October 2016, Milan

  • Lucca Comics & Games 2016
    International festival of comics, animated movies, illustration and games
    October 28th - November 1st 2016, Lucca

November 2016

  • Italian Agile Day(s) 2016
    Italian Agile Day 2016 (#iad16) is the 13th edition of a free conference about Agile methods for developing software projects
    18-19 November, Pavia

December 2016

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