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Events to attend in Italy on 2017

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Events to attend in Italy on 2017

After what I published in 2016, this year I show you my personal list of events, courses and conferences you can attend during the 2017.

Here, however, you will find only the events held in Italy, since in my country there are no websites that list these type of events.

The events mainly concern topics related to web marketing (SEO, Web Marketing, Email Marketing and Social web marketing), development - jquery, php - graphics in general, 3d, 3d printing, animation and video games. Here you could also find events that act as incubators for startups, to be held in Italy in the course of 2017.

This list is largely incomplete and I will continually update it: if you will find some errors, or if you would like to report an interesting event, please contact me and I'll be happy to consider it to show in this list.


February 2017

  • Settimana della Formazione: Day+ SEO
    From contents to the development, from public relations to the User Experience, from Conversion Rate Optimization to analysis.
    8 february 2017, Evento Online in Streaming

  • Mini Italian Agile Day 2017
    The Italian Agile Days becomes smaller and goes on tour
    11 february 2017, Vimercate (MB)

  • Settimana della Formazione: Digital for No Profit
    "The non-profit can no longer ignore the correct management of their online image and a proper implementation of their awareness campaigns and fundraising."
    20-24 february 2017, Evento Online in Streaming

  • Social Media Week 2017
    Internet marketing, social media marketing
    27 february - 3 march 2017, Milan

March 2017

  • Settimana della Formazione: Day+ Facebook
    "4 interventions that aim to deepen the knowledge of the Facebook platform and how to use it, optimizing resources and improving the objectives through strategies, targeting, useful tips and tools."
    1 march 2017, Evento Online in Streaming

  • Drupal Day 2017
    Una giornata dedicata alla Drupal Conference ed una alla Drupal 8 School oppure al Drupal Hackathon (contemporanei)
    A whole day dedicated to Drupal Conference and another one at Drupal 8 School or the Drupal Hackathon (these two events will be contemporary)
    3-4 march 2017, Rome

  • Mobility Conference Exhibition - MCE 2017
    The most innovative startups, excellent companies, the major institutions will meet in Milan to review progress on the field and anticipate future scenarios
    7-8 march 2017, Milan

  • CSS Day 2017
    Web design, css, bootstrap, scss, sass, html5, responsive web design
    17 march 2017, Faenza

  • Advanced SEO Tools
    An advanced event about SEO tools
    23 march 2017, Bologna

  • SMAU Padova 2017
    Digital innovation for companies and local authorities
    30-31 march 2017, Padova

  • MARKETERs MakeIT! 2017 - Taste it!
    Conference about Marketing. Four presentations and two workshops about the two main topics: food and beverage.
    31 march, Venice

  • Be-Wizard 2017
    Internet marketing, seo, ecommerce
    31 march - 1 april 2017, Rimini

April 2017

  • Settimana della Formazione: E-Commerce
    "With the E-commerce Week you will discover how to start and strengthen your online project, starting from the analysis of the market and competitors, through a correct calculation of the budget to be allocated to campaigns, optimizing time and improving performances."
    3-7 april 2017, Evento Online in Streaming

  • Droidcon 2017
    Conference with the last news of the Android world
    6-7 april 2017, Turin

  • Romics 2017 (april)
    Animation, comics, cosplay
    6-9 april 2017, Rome

  • Settimana della Formazione: Day+ Fisco e Leggi sul Digitale
    This training day aims to clarify some aspects of the interpretations of existing regulations, fiscal rules and otherwise.
    12 april 2017, Evento Online in Streaming

  • Adworld Experience 2017
    Google adwords: cases, methodologies, updates
    13-14 april 2017, Bologna

  • Settimana della Formazione: Day+ User Experience
    Facilitate and give value to the user on our web site is one of the keys to achieve results in terms of campaigns and conversions.
    19 april 2017, Evento Online in Streaming

  • 3D Print Hub 2017
    The Italian event dedicated exclusively to professionals of 3D printing
    20-22 april 2017, Milan

May 2017

June 2017

  • Digital Design Days & Award + Offf Italia 2017
    Includes exclusive conferences, the italian edition of Offf Milan, the handover ceremony of the Digital Design Award, professional workshops, digital showcase, a party and many other networking activities
    1-2-3 june 2017, Milan

  • Kerning 2017
    International conference on typography
    7-9 june 2017, Faenza

  • SMAU Bologna 2017
    Digital innovation for companies and local authorities
    8-9 june 2017, Bologna

  • Web Marketing Festival 2017
    Internet marketing, SEO, social networks, email marketing, etc.
    23-24 june 2017, Rimini

July 2017

  • No events

August 2017

  • No events

September 2017

  • Social Media Week independent Rome (SWMi Rome)
    Social Media Week is considered one of the 10 most innovative and revolutionary events in the world; it aims to explore the social, cultural and economic web, the digital and social networks.
    Dates to be announced
    , Rome

  • From the Front - Web Design Conference
    Event about Ux design with English speakers
    Dates to be announced, Bologna

  • WM Expo 2017
    Dates to be announced, Milan

October 2017

  • Romics 2017 (october)
    Animation, comics, cosplay
    5-8 october 2017, Rome

  • ReactJS Day 2017
    Conference (in English) dedicated to the latest developments of React, javascript library for creating UI created by Facebook and Instagram
    6 october 2017, Verona

  • Maker Faire Rome 2017
    3d printing, drones, robotics, new technologies
    Dates to be announced, Rome

  • Games Week 2017
    Videogames, game development
    13-15 october 2017, Milan

  • View Conference 2017
    Animation, 3d, vfx, startups. Speakers mostly international, free italian and english simultaneous translation service available
    23-27 october 2017, Turin

  • SMAU Milan 2017
    Digital innovation for companies and local authorities
    24-26 october 2017, Milan

  • Lucca Comics & Games 2017
    International Comics Festival, animated movies, illustrations and games
    1-5 november 2017, Lucca

November 2017

  • Social Media Strategies 2017
    The event dedicated to professionals in Social Media Marketing. Two days with the most experts in this sector, and several themed rooms.
    8-9 november 2017, Rimini

  • Italian Agile Day(s) 2017
    The Italian Agile Day is a free conference about Agile methods for the development and project management software
    Dates and city to be announced

December 2017

  • Search Marketing Connect 2017
    Event for professionals of the search engines: SEO, PPC and Web Analytics
    1-2 december 2017, Rimini

  • SMAU Naples 2017
    Digital innovation for companies and local authorities
    14-15 december 2017 - Naples

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