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Kotetsu Jeeg Robot statue made in 3D (Custom)

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Kotetsu Jeeg Robot statue made in 3D (Custom)

In this article I would like to show you how I made my own 3D printed resin Jeeg Robot statue. I started from a 3D model created by me way back in 1999, making some changes to both the details and the proportions. above all I remodeled the head from scratch to make it more similar to the one seen in the cartoon.

Foreword and special thanks

To achieve the result I'm showing in this page, I would like to thank the Facebook group BANDAI SOUL OF CHOGOKIN, where I showed the work in progress of my model. I have to thank to many users who supported me, advising me and encouraging me, giving me numerous tips to improve my model.

Sculpt of my custom Jeeg in 3D

I also tried to compare the sculpt of my 3D model with that of the main models available on the market today, i.e. the Bandai, but above all the King Arts and the CM'S), although I made my own personal customizations because I find some different details in each from the anime. But this is my personal idea and I don't want to create controversy.
For example, the horns on the head are different from those seen in many models. As well as the general appearance of the robot in some models it is too slender: My opinion is that Jeeg should be a little stocky, almost "overweight". .

Jeeg model for 3d printing, EP01 - WIP rev.1

A model that I really like from this point of view is the HL Pro / High Dream (the 40cm Jumbo), even if in some details of the chest it seems a little too "bloated" and the shoulders too low.

All this just for the necessary premises. Obviously I don't think that mine is the definitive sculpt of Jeeg Robot but, I want to reiterate, it is only my vision of the robot and customization according to my personal tastes, combining them with the memories of the cartoon I saw in the early 80s.

Jeeg model for 3d printing, EP02 - WIP rev.2

Posing my Jeeg 3d statue

As regards the installation, finally I based myself on the most recent models created by the major production companies, a more "modern" installation which is certainly not very close to those created in the 1980s, but here too I wanted to insert my own personal adaptation.

Details about the 3d printed Jeeg Robot model

The starting point was to create a statue, therefore a fixed pose model.
As I created the model, I wanted to take some suggestions from the Facebook group and try my hand at a variation on the theme: always maintaining the concept of a statue, why not model the various parts so that they can fit together exactly like in the cardboard, using magnets to insert inside the 3D printed parts?

Jeeg model for 3d printing, EP03 - WIP rev.3

From this idea began a challenge that led me to several test prints, purchases of magnets that could "hold" the weight, and that perhaps also had the right "sound", that "click" that recalls cardboard and interlocking of components.


The size of the statue (without base) is approximately 28 cm. This is because having already made a model - the Baldios, approximately 32cm - I wanted to make it a little smaller. I know well that the difference in size between these two robots is notable, I would never have been able to maintain the correct scale ratio and, also considering that I would like to create a series of other robots, it is not my intention to maintain the correct scale between them.
The objective is instead to be able to keep them close to each other, therefore having statues that will oscillate between 28 (after all Jeeg is one of the smallest) and 35-40cm.

Jeeg 3d model for custom printing, EP04 - WIP rev.4

Software used

These are the software I used

  • Lightwave 3d for modeling and export in Alias Wavefront (.OBJ) format;
  • Microsoft 3D Builder (the default software present in the Windows 10 installation) for checking and repairing OBJs to be ready for printing. I did not export in STL format;
  • Chitubox for setting the print bed

Final specifications of the Jeeg Robot 3D printed model

The model was printed in distinct parts, it has an overall height of approximately 28 cm. Each part is 85% empty (an internal grid was created for greater rigidity of the structure) while the walls have a thickness of approximately 1.2mm. Each part has 1 or 2 holes to allow it to be emptied from the internal liquid resin more easily.
For the printing I used a Voxelab Proxima 6, which has a rather small print size; for this reason I needed to prepare 3 different printing plans to be able to print all the objects. The resin used is Elegoo Standard, grey.

The following video shows a 360 of the 3D model today which I would like to modify with your advice...

Video on the making of the 3D printed jeeg statue

After all these premises, below I show you a series of shorts that illustrate the creation phases of my Jeeg Robot Custom 3D, i.e. from modeling to printing the robot.

Probably in the next few weeks I will create a longer video with more content. If you are interested in this content and perhaps you are interested in seeing the other robots that I intend to create, I recommend you continue to follow this website and above all to subscribe to my YouTube channel (https://www.youtube.com/c/GianlucaPanebianco), where I will publish previews of my works of this type.

Kotetsu Jeeg, modeling for 3d printing: EP06 - divisione in parti per la stampa

This short shows some steps relating to the modeling for the creation of the parts to be printed of my Kotetsu Jeeg Steel Robot - to be printed in 3D - still in the construction phase.

Jeeg Robot printed in 3d, EP07: final model of jeeg head

In this shorts I show you the final model of the head, perhaps the most important and certainly the most iconic part, where the pilot Hiroshi Shiba is also found, who transforms into the jeeg head. Compared to the model I made more than 20 years ago, I modeled the Jeep head from scratch, also following the instructions, advice and screenshots of numerous users of the Soul of Chogokin Italia Facebook group.

Jeeg printed in 3d EP08: resin print result, plate n.1

First test print with the first parts: Jeeg's head and body, just out of the printer...

Jeeg custom 3D printed robot EP09, resin 27cm

Here is the first test print of the 3D printed custom Jeeg, here the 4 parts have been cleaned and taken care of.

Jeeg 3D printed robot EP10: head detail

Detail of the head molded in resin. The detail seems good to me, and also the faithfulness to the original... what do you think?

Jeeg Robot printed in 3d, EP11: multiparts, first coat of primer

That's all for now, but soon I will publish the videos of the complete model and with the magnetic joints.

If you are interested in these updates, subscribe to my YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqZX6FqTLAMJR8GcgJITcnQ (@panebianco3d)