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Learn Japanese: a quick Katakana course

By Gianluca Panebianco, Publishing date: 14 September 2001, Last update: 14 September 2001

After my mail exchanges with Mr. Takaya Satoshi from Kyoto (Japan), he send me a little "guide / reference" to understand Katakana set (one of 2 most diffuses Jpanese character sets). I think this is a good refenrece, so I decided to realize this little page. Thanks a lot to Takaya! :)

Tutorial - Introduction to Katakana - table 1

This is the set of fundamental katakana.

A consonant always expresses one sound with a vowel sound. For example " " - ka
Exceptionally " " is expressed only "n".

Tutorial - Introduction to Katakana - table 2

If a voiced consonant mark and a p-sound mark are attached to the upper right, sound will change.

Tutorial - Introduction to Katakana - table 3

There are some small characters. Table- 3 is the table of the sound made combining it.

Tutorial - Introduction to Katakana - table 4

Table-4 too. Although a small character -" " is used else,
it does not express a certain specific sound. " "is a sign . For example, " backup "- , it is used such.
And else there is the sign with which does not expresses a specific sound - " "
It is a sign "Extend sound". For example "Download"- .

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