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Copyright and Legal Notes about this website

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Copyright and Legal Notes about this website


The material (products, images, software, text, etc.) in this website may be subject to intellectual property rights belonging to Panebianco3d.com or third parties. All images, logos and trademarks displayed on this site are protected by copyright, trademark and other intellectual protection laws and may not be reproduced in any form or by any medium and for any purpose without written permission of their their respective owners.

You cannot reproduce (in whole or in part), modify, decompile, disassemble or transmit or use for any commercial purpose, or non-commercial use any information and material on this website without the written consent of Gianluca Panebianco / panebianco3d.com.

Privacy Policy

Panebianco3d.com helds in highly esteem the privacy of its users and customers.
For this reason, we do not provide to third parties the personal data collected online.
All information gathered by Panebianco3d.com shall be used only to increase the efficiency of the services that we offer to our users.


For the User Interface icons of this site, I used the Fontawesome icons toolkit (free version).