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Links to some of my friends websites (2005)

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Links to some of my friends websites (2005)

These are some links to my friend and good websites: lightwave 3d, Flashlite, flash, tutorials, games for web and mobile phones.

3d, architecture 3d, Lightwave 3d, computer graphics

The Jeeg page
3d anime robots in Lightwave 3d by Gianni Soldati.
Gundam Weapons
3d Gundam by Paolo Zago
Ricscan Homepage
3d Anime Robots by Riccardo Scanu
Lightwave tutorials on the web
Scott Cameron's collection of links to Lightwave 3d tutorials
Super Robot Museum
3d anime robots
Robot 3d
3d Anime Robots by Salvo Scuderi
FC Imaginations
3d gallery, animation
3d tutorials, 3d renderings

Anime, Anime Robots, Evangelion, Gundam, Mazinger, Mazinkaiser, anime toys

Daitarn 3 by Luca Franchi
GPA Daitarn 3 Page
Daitarn 3
Many info about lots of Anime series

Illustration, mobile world, software, design, misc websites

Ottorino Bruni's website: Mobile Applications for Apple iOS devices (iPhone and iPad)