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Mazinger Z in 3d

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Mazinger Z in 3d

In 2020 I retouched some parts of my Mazinger Z in 3d and I did new renderings.

3d models

Mazinger Z: This Robot originally was the second I've modeled, but after a first version I've changed a lot of particulars, as colors and proportions, and as all models, it was modeled in 3d Studio 4 and exported in Lightwave 3D for better renderings. In his last version, my Mazinger Z 3d model is composed by 55 elements, for 16.837 triangles, 1.389 of those only for the head, and 6.181 for 2 hands.
3d model realized in July 1998; renderings below realized in September 1998, those at left (in global illumination) realized in august 2001. In 2020 I retouched some parts and done new renderings.

Mazinga Z in 3d (2020)
Mazinga Z in 3d

Hover Pilder: as Mazinger Z, I've changed Pilder's proportions and colors and his poligons weight has been reduced. Pilder can be utilized detached from Mazinger's head, and so I've decided for a model with an medium-high detail level.
Now the model has 4.852 triangles, without Koji Kabuto placed in cockpit.


During an archaeological expedition in the Crete island, some robots (belong to an ancient civilization) was found. One of the researchers, Doct.Hell, decides to take possession of those and to conquer the planet. At this fine he begins to kill his collagues.
The professor Juzo Kabuto, present at the moment of the great discovery, planned and realized, with the aid of the prof. Jumi a robot able to oppose the Doct. Hell's creatures. At the guide of the robot there's young Koji Kabuto ( Koji in the original version), he's a father orphan and prof. Juzo's grandson, Koji wants to revenge of the grandfather's death, killed during an ambush in the first instalment.

Mazinga Z 3d
Mazinger Z in 3d
Garada K7 in 3d
Garada K-7 in 3d
Doublas M2 in 3d
Doublas M-2 in 3d

In his aid, in addition to professor Jumi, there are a robot with female countenances, Aphrodite Alpha, piloted by Sayaka and Boss robot, a fat, nice, unhinged robot,constructed and piloted by a big teddy-boy (Boss is his name) and his two fellow.
In the penultimate instalment, after Doct.Hell's defeat and death, all seems finished but, in 91th episod, a new assault begins owing to a new enemy, the Duke Gorgon, a monster half-man and half-tiger which is in command of the evil forces.
Mazinga Z, in difficulty and near at the defeat, is saved by the Great Mazinger, a new robot more powerful.
The Evil is won and Koji finds out that his father, Doct. Kenzo Kabuto, that he believes dead, is alive and he have realized the new robot on the basis of Juzo's work.

The series

This page was created june 26 1998.
The series was produced by Toei and transmitted, for the first time, in Japan between 1972 and 1974; it consists in 92 chapters.
It was the first animated cartoon in which a robot was piloted by an human being placed at the internal part of robot. This idea, so original for those time, was conceived by Go Nagai; this cartoon had very successful: more series of robots, which were born in the following years, had the starting point to this idea and they gave life to a new stream in the comics and animation world.
In Italy it arrived and transmitted in the 1980 by Raiuno after Goldrake (Grendizer) and Great Mazinger series, which are originally its successors (this situation was very disagreeable because the three series are connected, more or less, each other).
Thanks to Susanna Di Giulio who have traslated this text in english!! ^_^


Mazinger Z was constructed with a new metal "the super alloy Z" and fed with "photoatomic energy"; the robot is 18 metres high, it have 20 tons of weight and it get to full speed of 360 km/h.
It isn't able to fly but it's possible if Mazinga Z hooks itself at the "scrander"(wings that allow him to reach a speed of mach 3).It's necessary to hook the "Pilder"(the "sliding glider" in italian version) on the Mazinga Z's head to put in action the robot's functions.
The "Pilder" is a little jet piloted by an human being; "jet Pilder" replaced "Hover Pilder" (another glider present at the beginning of the series that was destroyed).

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