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Looking for an high resolution map of Venice? Try this vector map!

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Looking for an high resolution map of Venice? Try this vector map!

As you probably know, in these last years I used some of my time to drawing city vector maps, at hte beginning because I like traveling (some years ago I developed come city travel guides for Symbian smartphones and I made maps of these cities to avoid any copyright problems that I would had using Google Maps APIs).

Afterwards, as many people have shown interest about these maps, I decided to start drawing more... of course, the end user isn’t a tourist that looks on the Internet for a generic map, but rather companies: small agencies, professionals, but even publishing groups, broadcasting groups and tour operators that have to develop thier travel catalogues.

So... what? Finally I completed a new vector map: my vector Venice map. It is available for purchase in this website store.

Here you can see a Venice Map preview in JPG file format (after purchasing you will receive it in high resolution vector file format)

Details of my vector Venice map (and of all my vector city maps you can find in this website)

As all maps available in the store, this Venice map has the following features:

  • map drew in full vectors and editable;
  • it can be used for professional purposes;
  • After purchasing this map, you will receive in email a ZIP file containing the Venice Map in two different file formats: EPS (encapsuled post script, a standard vector file format) and AI (Adobe Illustrator, the software I use to draw maps). The Adobe Illustrator file is compatible with CS3 version (or superior). So, both files you will receive contains the same map: you can choose to use one insted of the other one in order of your preferences.
  • The elements included in this map are fully editable: you can even change their colour, borders, and the font used for texts (I usually use Arial);
  • every street names put in the map are editable (they are not outlined);
  • In order of your needs, you can extend this map adding new areas or putting additional details.
  • In order to use this map, please follow the using and redistribution rules for this product.

Purchase now your vector Venice map

This Venice map costs only € 60,00, but for these days and only until midnight of August 31th you can purchase it at a very special price of € 40,00 ; a special discount of 33%! A good deal, isnt’ it?

If you need more informations about this map or you want to purchase it, please click on the following link to enter the Venice vector map detail page:

Vector Venice Map

From this page you can purchase your Venice map, paying safely using Paypal as payment method.

Do you need other vector maps?

If you are looking for some more vecotr maps, please remember that in my store you can find other cities: Rome, Milan, Florence, London, New York (Manhattan), Vienna, Prague. Check them on the vector maps page.

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