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More than 20 years of experience

In over 20 years I have had the opportunity to work on highly complex projects, sometimes working in teams, sometimes working completely on my own, covering many activities such as accounting, design, development, maintenance.

I have often accepted challenges, which allowed me to improve my skills on the web (design and development), SEO, modeling and rendering in 3D, design of user interfaces for software (especially in industrial sectors), mobile apps and games.
My customers: from Global to Local

Clients for whom I have worked include corporations, public/private companies, agencies. They operate in various sectors as food&beverages, automotive, pharmaceutics, luxury goods.
Some of these works has done within the Taiprora team, where I have been working since 2001.

Some of the national and international customers (click image below to see more):

Below you can see some of my works and case histories.
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Kotetsu Jeeg Robot statue made in 3D (Custom)
In this article I would like to show you how I made my own 3D printed resin Jeeg Robot statue. I started from a 3D mod...
3d modeling, 3d printing
UI Design, front-end development and marketing for a Scada & MES Sytem (web platform)
Web platform designed for production control and management, with real-time data and traceability. Designed and develo...
web dev, ux/ui design, web marketing / SEO, video editing
Smartplant: assembly line and automated end-of-line for automotive cockpits
A semi-automatic assembly line + fully automatic EOL (end of line) control with automated vision, complete with traceab...
ux/ui design, web marketing / SEO, video editing
UX/UI web case: realtime drag & drop web scheduler interface for food production and packaging
For an Italian company leading in the food sector, I did an UX analysis and the UI design (graphic interface) for a w...
ux/ui design, web dev, web marketing / SEO, video-editing
UI/UX design for WMS Software (Automated Warehouse Supervision)
Within the Taiprora development team, for an independent factory (Italian leader in intra-logistics automation technol...
ux/ui design
Grendizer in 3d
During 2020 I made a completely new 3d model of Goldrake.Here you can see the result ... document.getElem...
3d modeling
UI and UX design and frontend coding for a price survey web application (2006, 2019)
This web application is designed for Pricing office to collect and monitor the prices and photos of the Client's compe...
web dev, web design, ux/ui design
From one of the most famous anime series of the last 30 years, I made 3D models of all Evangelions. Here is the gallery ...
3d modeling
Giant Robot in 3d
Giant Robot 3d modeling started on 2002; after a long pause, it has been reprised and completed on april/may 2005. ...
3d modeling
Dayco Europe Aftermarket institutional website: design, development and SEO (2004-2016)
Institutional website development and maintenance (from 2004 until 2016) for Dayco Europe Afermarket. Startin...
web dev, web design, web marketing / SEO
3d modeling of a 50cm statue of Mazinger Z for printing, for HL Pro
For this project the client requested to model a statue of Mazinger Z (a 70’s anime super robot created by Go Nagai)...
3d modeling, 3d printing
Jeegmug: my coffee mug Jeeg robot head shaped printed in 3d
My latest 3d work for ‪‎3d printing‬ is a personal project: I modeled a cappuccino cup (coffee mug) shaped as ‪J...
3d modeling, 3d printing
Functional analysis for Rotary Club Manager, an Apple iPad app (2011)
Rotary Club Manager is an Apple iPad app developed by Taiprora for Rotary Club Pescara Nord to manage events of a Rota...
mobile apps, ux/ui design
User interface design for a laser measurement software for the production of tyres (2011)
This project involved the realization of a artificial vision measuring System (laser + videocamera + software) for the...
ux/ui design
SCADA ui design warehouse area in a Pharma company (2010)
The project, developed by Taiprora as part of the Revamping of the Automatic Warehouse in a factory of a corporate of ...
ux/ui design
Design and coding for a video on demand web application for Automotive (2010)
Per la rete Intranet aziendale di un brand automotive, Taiprora ha sviluppato una web application per la visualizzazio...
web dev, web design
Development and Printing a product catalogue for automotive spare parts company (2012)
Design and and print of the automotive aftermarket product catalogue for a manufacturer of automotive components, both...
web dev, printing
Apple iPhone 3g modeled in 3d
In 2008, after finishing my Nokia N70 3d model (available in my store), I decided to model another cellphone... and this...
3d modeling
UI design for a SCADA in motorcycles automotive industry (2008)
This SCADA software for Windows systems was created by Taiprora for a famous automotive brand. The software s...
web dev, web design
UX analysis and UI design for a web backoffice to flights ticketing (2007)
Web Application (backoffice) for ticket management, developed by Taiprora for an airline company based at Pescara "Pas...
web dev, web design
Fantafootball Manager app for Symbian mobile
Fantacalcio time? You have to create your Fanta Football Team for next Season 2007/2008? You need just two thing...
mobile apps
Travel Guides: city guides for mobile
Travel Guides: city guides with offline maps for mobile phones and devices Flashlite 2 enabled. Tourist informati...
mobile apps
Web application for advertising media planning: UX analysis and UI design (2007)
Web application developed by Taiprora to allow the customer to manage, plan and distribute the budget for advertising ...
web dev, web design
UI design for a Windows SCADA software supervisor of an automatic warehouse (2007)
This project was developed by Taiprora as a supervision software of the entire Warehouse storage divided into two diff...
ux/ui design
Flashlite games: Microinvaders
One of most famous games never created, a real classic directly from original coin-op, now available completely free for...
mobile apps, games
Metalwarriors, a MMO RPG multiplayer game in Flash
Metalwarriors: massive multiplayer online game RPG I started developing in 2006 in Adobe Flash (language Actionscript 2)...
games, web dev
3d architecture, Chieti: Palatricalle
This project - completed in 2004 - provides a full 3d modeling, renderings and animation of Palatricalle, a sport arena ...
3d modeling, 3d architecture
3d Architeture: renderings for FIBA outdoor basketball summer tour
This project provides a 3d modeling and rendering of an architectural mobile structure for basketball outdoor tour and c...
3d modeling, 3d architecture
3d modeling: soccer ball in 3d
This rendering show an high resolution soccer ball 3d modeling with Lightwave 3d. 3d modeling process is descri...
3d modeling
Anime Super Deformed in 3d
Jeeg Copper Robot (was "steel robot") Steel Jeeg Robottino and smallest and whiner of the group: it's always has hi...
3d modeling
3d architecture: Paladozza in Bologna
Realized in 2001 for Oiko, the Paladozza in 3d project has been commissioned from Fortitudo Bologna Basketball, one of m...
3d modeling, 3d architecture
3d architecture: Parthenon and Acropolis in Athens
Parthenon in 3d project was begun in 1995: the first 3d model was realized with Autodesk 3D Studio, working on MSDOS sys...
3d modeling, 3d architecture
3d medical illustration: hand radiography
Medical radiography simulation in 3d This 3d scene uses a dummy object similar to a hand: 3d model is composed by some ...
3d modeling
Blocker Gundan IV Machine Blaster in 3d
Astrorobots are 4 different robots, but apart from the slight differences they are two pairs of robots very similar each...
3d modeling
Yattodetaman in 3d
With few time available, I've modeled the King Star robot using some Baldios' elements, as the arms and legs (with some ...
3d modeling
Baldios in 3d
Baldios: I've modeled this Robot in 3-4 days (working on two hours in the evening). All parts are modeled from zero, a...
3d modeling
Voltes V in 3d
Although this robot may seem very simple to model, even more than Daitarn 3 (well, in fact it is), I have tried to take ...
3d modeling
3d architecture, Pescara: Building in 3d
Located in Pescara, in the Porta Nuova area next to New Law Court building, the Taraborrelli Mansion has realized in 3d ...
3d modeling, 3d architecture
Daitarn 3 in 3d
Robot: 3d modeling It's 120 m. tall, it's 800 tons heavy and it's fed with solar energy. Daitarn 3 was planned and...
3d modeling
Mobile Suit Gundam in 3d
3d models Gundam RX-78 : after the experience with Autodesk's 3D Studio 4 and after the modeling of Mazinger, Boss ...
3d modeling
Kotetsu Jeeg in 3d
Jeeg Robot was one of my first 3d models I created about the end of 90s. Years later I also used some parts of this 3d m...
3d modeling
Mazinger Z in 3d
In 2020 I retouched some parts of my Mazinger Z in 3d and I did new renderings. 3d models Mazinger Z: This R...
3d modeling
Boss Robot in 3d
There aren't series completely dedicated to Boss Robot, but this is an original robot and with his comicity and dement...
3d modeling
Great Mazinger in 3d
Mazinger (The Great Mazinger) was the first robot I modeled in 3d and it was the first one that appeared on my site on t...
3d modeling