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Now you can post your comments on this website

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Now you can post your comments on this website

You can now add your comment to many pages of the website. Yes I know this feature is widespread in many websites and blogs, but only today I finally implemented on my (this) website, because - as some of you know - it's not made ​​with an open source CMS such as Wordpress or Joomla! but it has been developed entirely by myself.

Comments will respect a chronological order: the most recent comments will be placed at the end.

Of course I will participate in all discussions; in fact, one of the reasons I decided to add this feature is that many people asks me similar questions: posting your questions as a comment can helps you and all the others who will ask questions similar to yours, and you will haev a chance to interact with other users and receive their suggestions.

Some rules to better commenting ...

You don't need to subscribe or log into this website to start commenting, you can simply enter your name, your email address (it won't be shown to other users) and your comment. You will receive a confirmation email.
Your email address will only be used for sending the confirmation e-mail and will not be used for any other purpose. In particular, it won't be automatically added to any newsletter or distributed to third parties.

Please note that flames, vulgar comments or comments that inciting hatred are not allowed. It is not permitted spam. All this type of messages will not be taken into consideration and deleted.
You can not post HTML, then any code, tags, and more will be displayed completely on the screen.
Remember that you are responsible for the messages you write in this website and in the event of illegal behavior such as posting of links to illegally download copyrighted material will be reported to authorities: for these reasons, your IP address will be saved.

By entering your comment you agree to these rules.

Well, apart from this fairly "standard" conditions, that's all by now ... you just have to start interacting ... have fun!