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UI and UX design and frontend coding for a price survey web application (2006, 2019)

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UI and UX design and frontend coding for a price survey web application (2006, 2019)

This web application is designed for Pricing office to collect and monitor the prices and photos of the Client's competitors products, to let him to establish the more precise prices to apply in evary store around the world.

Data are entered by associating the competitor's products with those of the customer (in a ratio of N to 1), so that for each product it is possible to monitor specific competing products, divided by brand and other classifications. It is possible to insert more photos for each product, in addition to a series of parameters that define other characteristics such as its type, target, quality, material, etc.
The information to be entered is requested by the Headquarter through one or more "formats", documents which defines one or more lists of competing products for which prices and photos must be collected.
The Headquarter also decides in which countries this format must be valid: the system, at this point, sends a notification to agents located in the selected countries only. The agents will collect this information by filling a specific online form of ​​the web application, adding the required and other detailed information ("additional notes", information acquisition methods, etc.).

A reporting section also allows the Client to group products not only by many methods ways (price ranges, countries, competitors, product type, etc.), proving to be an essential tool within the decision-making process of the sales price of Customer's products.

Two versions have been created: the first in 2006, while the second (of which some screenshots of the mockups are shown) in 2019.

Role in this project

Within the Taiprora development team, I dealt with the UX analysis, the UI design, deisiging a complete series of wireframes before, and mockups in a second time (for customer approval). The, as front-end developer I worked on all the pages in html + css the Frontend areas.
Compared to the first version made in 2006, for which I had already worked on the user interface, in this second version I had the opportunity to work on the user exprience, mediating between a new interface to make things much more friendly for the final user, the new requests of the client (who, after 13 years needed new features) and, on the other hand, not to exceed with the news to avoid the software was too different from the previous one.
At the end of the project I also wrote the user manuals in Italian and English.

About the client

The customer is a famous Italian brand in the Fashion sector, listed on the Milan Stock Exchange: It operates worldwide with various fashion brands specializing in footwear, bags, clothing and accessories.