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Development and printing the Catalogue 2010 for Dayco Europe Aftermarket, about automobiles replacement products

By Gianluca Panebianco, Publishing date: 1 January 2009, Last update: 1 January 2009

This project provided the development and printing of Dayco Europe Aftermarket products catalogue for cars. The development of the final PDF has been made using "One click catalogue", a JAVA web application created by Taiprora, that extracts from an AS400 corporate database all the information about products, process all data and format them on multiple layouts, creating a unique PDF with multiple chapters: this PDF ready to be printed.
This project was developed in 2009.

The printing of the catalogues was made by D'Auria Spa. More than 30.000 copies was made and each catalogue was composed by more than 1.100 pages.

Role in this project:

In the Taiprora web team, I worked as project manager and desginer, to develop the layout graphic design for internal pages.

About this Customer:

Dayco Europe: Dayco is a world leader in the project and production of power transmission systems for both OE and aftermarket, especially for the replacement for auto parts such as timing belts, raw edges, water pumps, tensioners, etc.

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