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Now I’m a web marketing specialist certified by Madri

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Now I’m a web marketing specialist certified by Madri

Last July 1sy, 2013 I obtained a certification as Web Marketing Specialist issued by Madri, the only national organization to provide web marketing certifications in Italy and that trains professionals in the following areas:

  • SEO, search engines optimization
  • Online Advertising
  • Web Tracking, reporting and analysis
  • E-mail Marketing and Newsletter
  • Social Media Marketing

In order to check if every information are true, Madri publish certifications online on its own web domain. Here you can check my certification as web marketing specialist:

There were a few time I wanted to get this certification, and finally I found the time to do it.
But… how can I got this Madri certification? It is possible to get this certification by following a Madri National Course of Operative Web Marketing, organised every year in two different cities, Rome and Milan.

I must admit that this course is not simple, because there are three step to obtain the certification: you have to follow more than 27 hours of training videos (that introduce every topics discussed during the in-class course), a two days course and a final exam.

Teachers in this course was Elena Farinelli and Luca Catania who has been really professional but friendly at the same time.
The wy they shown all the topics in this SEO training course let to create a freindly relationships and nowadays we all still in contact: we created a Facebook page where we can post our experiences about seo and web marketing, or even to ask help in case of doubts in how to better delevop our projects.

At the end, I would you to remember that this course has a final exam, with many questions where you have to reply writing your ideas about the problem written in the question. You can complete your final exam at home, and you have one month to answer to whole questions. To become a certified Web Marketing Specialist you have to reach a rate of 70% of right answers.

For what this course gave me in terms of knowledge and improvements on my web marketing skills, I have to strongly suggest to subscribe to this course.

Do you have questions or doubts about this article o are you interested to ask me some more information about my experience on this Operative web Marketing course by Madri? If so, please leave your comments below, or contact me...

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