UI-UX designer, Front-End wed developer,
Web Marketing certified, 3D designer
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Services and solutions

My skills cover a variety of technologies and fields of application; one of my best capacity generally recognized from my clients is merge together different typologies of contents and methodologies.

I can offer to my clients an adequate advice for each of his projects, providing different solutions depending on the budget and time available, always respecting deadlines.
Some examples of my case histories: an UX/UI design for a Building automation software, a 3d modeling and rendering prject for 3d architecture, an UX/UI design for an industrial production Supervisor

3D modeling and printing

I create projects in 3D modeling and rendering , creating high quality images for different types of use, such as virtual architecture, business presentations, medicine, special effects, TV spots, videogames, or to animate a company logo.
I can provide a whole consulting about how to integrate 3D contents with the most varied media, including web and mobile, or to print in 3d prototypes 3d projects.

UX, UI design

I work every day as UX/UI graphic interface designer, developing wireframes, mockups and prototypes to help my clients to make his own software intuitive, easy to use and with a modern and attractive look.

I can put this methodologies in every platform and software: a Windows application or a mobile software (both Android and iOS), a consumer application or an intranet or industrial interface ( SCADA, MES, HMI ).

Web marketing

I can help customers improve their presence on the web, providing analysis and strategic consulting for the web, including a series of methodologies such as, for example, analysis and benchmarking of the customer or its competitors, the SEO (for better indexing on search engines), the possibility of maintaining contacts with its users through social networks or a Newsletter, or even to start a web advertising or email marketing campaign.

Web development & consulting

To improve the presence on the Internet of companies and professionals, starting from their website, for example by restyling it and providing a Content Management System (CMS) such as Wordpress with which the Customer will be free to update their content themselves.
The supplied product will always be developed with the latest technologies and design trends, and will easily lend itself to future additions.

Front-end development

As Front-End Developer I write code of your web graphic interface, converting mockups or your ideas into protoypes, even in a responsive version, and using html + css + javascript languages.
I use main frameworks (such as Bootstrap and JQuery) and I can integrate the project and my code with a pre-existing theme or website.
Recently I am approaching coding in Unity3d for the development of non-gaming interfaces, such as Supervisors, SCADA or WMS.

Other Media integration

I can integrate digital contents into multimedia projects, or even create vector graphics projects even complex, for brochures, catalogues, business presentations, flyers or on clothing (t-shirts, polo shirts, caps, etc)

I can also collaborate with your development or marketing team by providing them a support for strategic or multi-platform multimedia content design.