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Concept, analysis, design and coding for a propietary CMS

By Gianluca Panebianco, Publishing date: 1 January 2009, Last update: 1 January 2009

Design and implementation of a CMS (content management system) to be sold as an integrated web solution. Wave CMS Taiprora is optimized for managing an SEO campaign; other features are the possibility to create multimedia galleries, a news section / blog, add events, and a customizable area to create menus and pages strctures.
Wave CMS supports multiple languages.
Wave CMS works with LAMP technology: Apache server, PHP and MySQL database. For some features uses javascript language, using JQuery framework.
This project was developed in 2009.

Role in this project

Within the web development team Taiprora, I covered multiple roles, from the concept to the analysis of operation and functionality to the development in PHP + CSS + Jquery, from the project management, to the analysis of problems inherited by the management of code and its development to better optimize it for a proper optimization for SEO purposes.
I also designed the layout of both the front-end and the admin pages.
I developed the core of the CMS engine in PHP language, and the main structure of the database in MySQL, as well as the coding of the layout in HTML, CSS and using jquery for some components or features (slideshow, products previews, etc.).

About this customer

Taiprora: Taiprora, a company based in San Giovanni Teatino (Chieti, Italy) creates comprehensive solutions for Software Development and Systems Integration, developing advanced and integrated solutions in the Industrial Automation and IT applied to Industrial processes.

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