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Free Japanese 3d software, part 1

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Free Japanese 3d software, part 1

In these pages I would like to show some interesting japanese software for 3d modeling and animation: Metasequoia, Hexa Great, Rokkaku.

[part 1/4 : file extensions ]

I would like to thanks a lot Mr. Takaya Satoshi from Kyoto (Japan), who have reply to my many questions about japanese 3d software, and for this reason he have made possible this article/mini-tutorial.

thank you very much! :)
...ok let's go!
Gianluca Panebianco

Unfortunately I don't speak Japanese and I can only see your pages how can I understand something about your pages and to know, at least, which are the main word used ? :(

mmm...We ofen use "Katakana" for writing foreign words according to their sound.
a..Katakana is one of two sets of writing japanese syllabary.
It consists of 46 letters the same as "Hiragana",the other set.
If you learn it all by heart ,then you will be able to read some Japanese .

for eximination:


When I try to download some .LZH files, I cannot read the files that appears as a couple of strange ASCII characters... which software are diffused in your country?

I 'm using Hexa Super2 and Metasequoia 2.1 .
In Japan ,homemade free wares are widly used.
The most famous are 3.
"Hexa Greate " "Metasequoia LE " and "DOGA".
So we often use their format.
those I'm using are thier high class version.

".mqo" -"Metasequoia ".

This soft is pose and motion editer . It can make a real time animation too..
Its feature are "bone" "key frame anime""sfilical deform" etc. But now it is opened to public as test versiron.It's very insecurity.

".6ks" - "HexaGreate "

".rok" -"HexaGreate " .
It automatically creates 3D shapes from 2D outlines.
So we can create 3D models as drawing 2D illustration.

".p3d"- "humanMDL":
It can make a key frame animation using ROK data. open source.
It is also available a Metasequoia version.

".shd"-"Shade" on the market.

Free Japanese 3d Software
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