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Free Japanese 3d software, part 2

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Free Japanese 3d software, part 2

[part 2/4 : input|output compatibility and conversion]

Surfing in japanese sites I've seen 3d software names as "Doga", "Metasequoia" and others... they are completely free 3d software? What is the best? Are they avaible in English version?

I've recomend Metasequoia LE .
It is Free 3D software for educational or non-profit proposes.
It is available in English version.

Well, I think it is very easy to learn ,
but Help file is underconstruction.(T-T)

3D Articles & Tutorials - Japan 3D Software - Metasequoia LE - figura 1
screen shot of Metasequoia LE

Do you know if exist some 3d format converter for these file type, and possibly in English (so I can install in my PC)?

I think Metasequoias is very available to convert.

Metasequoia LE: (FREE WARE)

Import: MQO (Metasequoia)
SUF (DoGA CGA System)
LWO (LightWave 3D)
COB (trueSpace)
OBJ (Wavefront)
Export: MQO (Metasequoia)
SUF (DoGA CGA System)
COB (trueSpace)
X (Direct3D Retained Mode)
SCE (SoftF/X)
RDS (RayDreamStudio)

Metasequoia 2.2 (SHARE WARE)

Import: .LWO
.3DS (3D Studio)
. RSD (PlayStation)
Export: .LWO (LightWave 3D)
.OBJ (Wavefront)
.3DS (3D Studio)
.RSD (PlayStation)
.RIB (RenderMan)
.ASC (3D Studio ASCII)
and plugins...

There is a problam .Rok Import often fail. Because "ROK" does not have data of polygon side though Metasequoia need it.

Share ware Metasequoia is available to ROK Inport Plugin, but Free Ware version is not. We have to align polygon faces. ("Object" Menu -> "align faces").

3D Articles & Tutorials - Japan 3D Software - Metasequoia LE - figura 2

And ...

Rok Import PLUG IN for Light Wave 5 Intel :

Rok to LW converter (!!)

Unfortunatly This is in Japanese but very easy. This is the men

IMPORT OBJECT only lines

only faces





for the .6ks format... There is not free converter.

.p3d and "mkm" is motion data.
Software "Mikoto" can export in .bvh format. but It is in japanese.
.rok, .mqo and .6ks are model data.
.mkm and .p3d is motion data. It always up to site with model data "mqo" or "rok".

Free Japanese 3d Software

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