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User interface design for a laser measurement software for the production of tires

By Gianluca Panebianco, Publishing date: 1 January 2011, Last update: 1 January 2011

This project involved the realization of a artificial vision measuring System (laser + videocamera + software in C++) for the optimization and supervision applied to the production of tires with the aim of improving the quality of production.

The system is based on a linear laser beam for illuminating the area to be controlled, and by two cameras for capturing images of the sample for calculations.
The software process the scanned images, calcultes evauate the dimensional values of each samples and outputs to screen the results.
In case of values out of tolerance, the System can be set to automatically stop the production line to enable staff to carry out inspections and audits on the source materials and correct the errors.
This project was made in 2011.


Within the development team Taiprora, who created this project, I created the whole interface graphic design for desktop PC ssytems.


Bridgestone: Bridgestone Corporation has one of the largest manufacturers of tires and rubber in the world; it sells its tires and other products in more than 150 countries and employs 105,000 people.

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