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UX analysis and UI design for a web backoffice to flights ticketing (2007)

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UX analysis and UI design for a web backoffice to flights ticketing (2007)

Web Application (backoffice) for ticket management, developed by Taiprora for an airline company based at Pescara "Pasquale Liberi" Abruzzo International Airport.

The software allows the Client to manage routes, timetables and flights, as well as ticket sales prices, with a price modification algorithm according to the criteria that can be set by the customer.
This software was also designed to manage flights of different companies (the customer operates some flights in collaboration with other airlines): in this way it is possible to calculate revenues according to the companies agreements, routes and flights.

Developed in 2007.

The system provides a specific area for allotments management, to be assigned to different Tour Operators or Travel Agencies, in order to give them the possibility of having a certain number of seats for each flight at a price locked within a certain date: once the expiration date has passed, unsold seats will be back to the customer.

This web application includes a real-time statistics area to monitor the filling rate of a flight and establish offers for the online sales. The web application is also connected to the Client's counter in the Airport.

Role in this project

I have dealt with many aspects related to this project. Initially as project manager I followed the Client from the first meetings to acquire the list of requests and producing the relative documentation of the FS (Functional Specifications), then I followed the subsequent meetings for the various phases of acceptance of the offer; I then followed the work assigned to the development team, and provided to them all support for graphics.

In addition to this, I have carried out a study on the UX of the portal, and mainly of the backend (the most important part of the project), designing the graphic interface (UI) first in wireframes and subsequently providing prototypes in html to the customer for his acceptance.

Info about the client

The Customer is a company that markets flights to various destinations (Paris, Dubrovnik, Crete, Split), operated in collaboration with other international airlines. It is located at the Pescara International Airport.