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Voltes V in 3d

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Voltes V in 3d

Although this robot may seem very simple to model, even more than Daitarn 3 (well, in fact it is), I have tried to take care of its global aspect, giving it a less "cubed" appearance.

I decided to personalize a little this robot, mostly by rounding many corners and edges, although various elements of the body in the Anime TV Series do not differ much from simple parallelepipeds, to obtain the result that I like it.

3d models

Voltes V: I decided to start modeling this robot to "satisfy" many requests I received from many friends: many of those came from fans from the Philippines. In particular I want to thank Mark Lacanlale who provided me with several reference images.

I modeled in 3d Voltes V in August 1998; rendering above is made in 2020, those below in June 2000.

The series

In the same year of production of Zambot3, 1977, the Nippon Sunrise produced a new robotic series: Voltes V.
The serie is composed of 40 episodes but this hadn't much success like the provious one bacause it was similar to Combattler, in fact it was an imitation and had in common a lot of elements.
Only in Philippines it has got a very large succes and it is still today showed.
In Italy it arrived in 1983 and it was broadcast by TVA.

We have to remember the initial italian theme song that had a great succes even if it didn't reach the Grendizer's one.
I realized this page because I received a lot of requests from the Philippines. In particular I thank Mark Lacanlale that sent me several pictures so that I could model this robot.

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