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Dayco Europe Aftermarket institutional website: design, development and SEO (2004-2016)

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Dayco Europe Aftermarket institutional website: design, development and SEO (2004-2016)

Institutional website development and maintenance (from 2004 until 2016) for Dayco Europe Afermarket.

Starting from the first version in 2004 (made in 5 different languages) and dedicated to the European market only, the website has gradually expanded, passing to 8 languages in its first restyling (2005), 11 languages in 2008, up to the latest version dated 2011 that we managed and that included 13 different languages.
Additionally, the website has progressively extended to cover a wider geographical area, and covering South America (Brazil and Argentina have a large market and production plants), Africa, the Middle East, Asia. In practice, almost all of the world, excluding Central-North America, Australia, Singapore and Japan.

These website screenshots refer to the last restyling of 2011.

Role in the project

As an employee of Taiprora, I followed this project for all activities: user requirements with the client, project analysis and documentation, commercial offers, project management, graphic interface design (except for the third restyling of 2011, which inherited the layout of the US headquarter), development of static and dynamic sections in HTML + CSS, PHP technology, and javascript coding (later also using jquery) and flash.

I also worked on a series of additional activities concerning web marketing: initially a benchmarkeing about the client's competitors and some keywords positioning. Then, I made a specific SEO in-page optimization for 5 languages (Italian, English, French, German and Spanish), to push-up some keywords into the European and South American markets.


Dayco Europe : Dayco is a world leader in the design and production of components for power transmission systems (cars, heavy vehicles, tractors, scooters and motorcycles), such as transmission belts, tensioners, pulleys , idlers, water pumps, both original and aftermarket.