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Viewconference 2016: my personal reportage

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Viewconference 2016: my personal reportage

As probably some of you already know, last october 2016 has ended the 17th edition of Viewconference - the event on computer graphics, animation, the most important effects in Italy and probably one of the most prestigious in Europe.

This year was held the 17th edition, always in the name of openness to creative young people and schools (hundreds has been students who participated to this event).

The leitmotif of this edition, as well as always to the visual effects and animation in general, is certainly virtual reality, and many are the talk where he's talked at length.

I attended for three days, and below and in next articles you could find my annotations about speeches I heard. As features to some of thoese articles, you will find some short videos from the Conference with some of the material that was shown during the event.

Here's the list of speeches:

To learn and do shopping:


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